New Entrance for Singhalese Sports Club*
Colombo 7, Sri Lanka

Client: Singhalese Sports Club
Status: Complete
Year: 2000
Budget: Withheld
Project type: Sports & recreation
Size: 2,990 ft2

Founded in 1899 as a first-class cricket club in Sri Lanka, the Singhalese Sports Club held a design competition in late 2000 for a new entrance to its building. While creating a dignified character to the club front, the new entrance was intended to have better control over non-members and guests, and accommodate a lounge and waiting area, restaurant and bar, as well as ticketing with enhanced security for events.

Our winning entry showcased a linear mass perpendicular to the main axis of the existing entrance colonnade, providing a buffer between the front parking area and remainder of the club premises. The building was finished with slightly contrasting features on its external and internal façades. Externally, the linear character was enhanced with repetition of elements and horizontal banding of materials. Internally, the finishes complemented the existing intimate surrounding of the club.

The two punctuation in the linear design are the entrances connecting the interior to the exterior club premises. While the secondary entrance located at the left side of the building provides access for special events only, the centrally located primary entrance provides regular access to members and guests.