Estelle & Rage
Starting as a six-piece dance band in 2000, Estelle & Rage has been performing in several nightclubs and casinos in and around Colombo, Sri Lanka. With its diverse repertoire, the group also had contracts in local hotels as a lobby band. By 2003, Estelle & Rage were playing as a four-piece band but downsized to a three-piece ensemble, and finally disbanded in late 2004.

Sri Lankan Cultural Show 2008
The Sri Lankan Association of Manitoba (SLAM) performed in public for the first time as part of the 2008 Sri Lankan cultural show. Developed for the annual New Year celebrations in April, the show was introduced to a larger audience at the Gas Station Theatre in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Taking the lead in the music and art direction of this event, Mohan was also responsible for the set and graphic design.

Flying Haggis Show Band
The Flying Haggis Show Band primarily performs at the Scottish Pavilion during Folklorama – the largest multicultural festival of its kind in the world. The band takes center stage during the main program along with the singers, highland dancers, and Selkirk Boys Pipe Band. Bringing a mixture of Celtic traditional and modern compositions, the band always strives to stay in the genre of folk music.