Edirisinghe Residence*
Barnes Place, Colombo 7, Sri Lanka

Client: Private
Status: Complete
Year: 2005
Budget: LKR 27M
Project type: Single-family residential
Size: 6,400 ft2

Juxtaposed with a contemporary shell and a classical interior, the residence has a compromised design approach that captures the contrasting personalities of a young couple. Situated in a neighborhood rich in urban architectural character, the design resembles a tropical urban house. With two open-to-sky courtyards that bring essential daylight, cross ventilation is encouraged throughout the building.

The main level creates space for large living and dining rooms with utility spaces along the east boundary behind the garage. Level two and three contain bedrooms capped with a rooftop garden that has a large terrace for multipurpose use. Sandwiched between the main and second levels is a mezzanine that provides additional service space and a driver’s restroom.

Street-facing spaces on upper levels are set back and shielded with a concrete frame structure that adds a sculptural feature to the building. An aluminum pergola and sun louvers minimize direct sunlight and add contrast to plastered masonry walls with hand-cut granite copings. Teak wood, polished marble and granite, porcelain and ceramic, and brushed stainless steel finishes are extensively used, creating a rich and warm interior environment.

* While at The Design Group Five (International) Private Limited