2011 Solo Art Exhibition, “Long Shadows: Life and Landscapes on the Prairies”, St. Norbert Arts Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba

“The light is beautiful.”
Howard Gurevich

“The show is refreshing to me as an artist who has worked on the Prairies since the 70’s. I have tended to undervalue the unique character of this environment over the last decade or so searching for inspiration elsewhere. Thanks you for the vigorous clarity of your work.”
Michael T. Lycenko

“You’ve painted what I’ve seen, what I know, what I understand and captured the things I love about them.”
Kaeryn Gregory

“Thank you for making us aware of Manitoba’s special visual qualities, that we take for granted. The integrity of your work is satisfying.”
Bernard Brown

“Immediately we were taken in by their incredible warmth and feeling. So dynamic, too!”
Jessica and Marco Gonzalez-Cecchetto

“Intriguing; eerie in some seasons; a continual delight; viewing from a new perspective.”

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